A Message for Patients, Providers, Vocational Counselors and Attorneys…
Many people make the mistake that workers compensation law only protects workers who suffer from
physical work-related injuries. In fact, the law also protects workers from psychological and mental
injuries or illnesses that result from work.
Suffering from emotional or psychological injuries caused at work is as real as suffering from a
physical injury. We understand this at The Psychiatry Group and can help you get the treatment you
need and back to work.
Stress, anxiety and depression are indeed injuries that can prevent your return to work and the
treatment for these disorders and others are covered by workers compensation benefits. Our psychiatric
professionals understand your need for medical care and will work with you, your attending physician
and claims manager to make sure you receive the counseling and medical attention necessary to
maintain your mental health and safely return to work.
Notify your attending provider, L&I or Self-Insured claims manager, vocational counselor or legal
representative to start the process of getting healthy or contact one of our offices for more information.


Please contact Mr. Todd Denny (360-202-2700) for further information about the services and available locations.