The Benefits of Telemedicine
The Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is two-way live interactive communication between the patient and medical professional using either a computer or mobile technology. With the improvement of IT infrastructure, medical practitioners can now evaluate, diagnose and offer treatment to patients remotely. This benefits patients located in areas far from medical facilities or areas that lack specialized healthcare.

Telemedicine Benefits

Convenient and Accessible Healthcare for Patients

This form of healthcare has made it convenient for patients in remote locations to access health care. In many parts of the world, telemedicine has benefitted many patients. Not only those in remote locations, but also those that face mobility challenges. It has broken down the geographical barriers that hinder health care access for patients in remote areas.

Cuts down Healthcare Costs

According to US government reports, the country spends more than $2.9 trillion on healthcare alone annually compared to other developed nations. With telemedicine, a chunk of those costs could be avoided and unnecessary spending reduced. Problems like unnecessary doctors visits or medication non-adherence all can be avoided because patients are able to stay in contact with their doctors and vice-versa.

Offers Access to Consults from Specialists

Hospital systems can expand access to a range of medical specialties without having the staff on site. Doctors themselves can also consult specialists on certain cases.

Increased Patient Engagement

The current patient lives in a connected world and often engages with their service providers through digital technology. Telemedicine allows patients to more easily connect with their doctor. As a result, the patient better understands their condition and feels more confident managing his or her own care.

Improved Quality of Patient Care

Doctors are able to follow-up on patients and ensure that treatments are going smoothly. They have the option of using a remote monitoring system to check a patient’s heart for example and conduct video chats to answer and ask any questions after a patient has been discharged.

The Only Drawback

Telemedicine, just like most technology solutions requires some investment and training. The Psychiatry Group, however, already has the infrastructure set up to provide these services.


The Psychiatry Group offers psychiatric treatment through Telemedicine. This is one of the specialties that can take most advantage of telemedicine’s capabilities since psychiatry doesn’t often require a physical exam. Make an appointment today to begin your psychiatric treatments.


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